Mississippi River Plastic Waste Reduction Initiative

The UN Environment Program (UNEP), the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative (MRCTI), University of Georgia, National Geographic Society are all working together to generate a first ever snapshot of the state of plastic pollution along the Mississippi River.  The data will be generated through a "citizen science" approach enlisting the participation of thousands of community volunteers along the river.  
Participants will be trained in the use of a free mobile phone app, called the Marine Debris Tracker.  The data gathered in selected locations, St. Paul, St. Louis, and Baton Rouge will be analyzed to understand the state of plastic litter in these river cities and associated metro areas.  The goal is to generate as rich a picture as possible of the extent and type of litter that makes its way to the river.  This data collection will be coordinated with planned clean ups along the river, its tributaries, and surrounding communities.  Anoka Rotary will work with other local community groups to help with both the data collection and the local clean up projects this spring.
This year's Conference of Clubs will highlight this initiative along with many others happening in District 5960.  Anoka Rotary is excited to be a part of this important environmental project  and initiative.